How To Scale Magento Enterprise eCommerce Platform

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Want a Magento Enterprise eCommerce Platform with the ability to scale to over 11 Million Monthly Visitors and 15,000 orders a day? So did we and with a little hard work, some whiteboard time, trial and error and many, many load tests we hit that goal. Attention to details during the planning, deploying, and configuration phase of the Magento Enterprise eCommerce Platform environment was critical if we want to get the best performance out of the eco-system. It required not only optimizing Magneto, but also optimizing the Network, Hardware, Database and Image Serving.

During this process we learned many tricks and tips by constantly looking for optimization improvements and performance testing. Getting into exactly what we did over the 2 year period would take volumes, but below are a few tricks and tips to get you started.

Tricks and Tips

  • When it comes to the hardware, RAM, RAM and more RAM.
  • If you are expecting a large number of concurrent users Multi-core CPUs are a must
  • Optimize the configuration of every component of your LAMP Stack
  • Fast hard drives (7800 RPM+) are key to page load speed
  • When possible use a Flat Frontend Catalog
  • Rebuild Database indexes often
  • Test the various Caching options available in Magento
  • Install the Admin component on its own server
  • Adding a PHP accelerator, eAccelerator shows good results with 40%-600% increase
  • Most importantly optimize MYSQL, you can get a 55%-70% performance increase

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