Looking for Work? Interviewing & Freelancing Tips For Developers

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Since we recently attended and hosted the LA Drupal Job Fair, a post on our recommendations for finding new development work seemed fitting this week.

What skills are currently in demand?

Companies are now making a gradual recovery from the global recession. The IT industry was severely affected during the economic crisis and had to go through a period of a hiring freeze, and in some cases even cutting down on staff. But now the companies are recovering and people with IT skills are back in demand.

Computerworld polled 353 IT executives about their hiring plans for 2012 in its annual IT Forecast survey. The results indicate that U.S. companies will be investing in their IT workforces to bolster business in the year ahead; Nearly 29% of respondents plan to take on new IT staffers through Summer 2012 – a 45% increase in IT hiring expectations over last year’s results. The survey also reveals that companies will be thinking about innovation, not just “keeping the lights on,” as they plan next year’s IT hiring.

IT Professionals in Demand

  • Programming and Application Development
  • Project Management
  • Help Desk/Technical Support
  • Networking
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Center
  • Virtualization and the Cloud
  • Web 2.0 centered around social media
  • Security
  • Telecommunications

Virtually all IT sectors have a huge demand for skilled professionals that have experience with these evolving technologies

  • Operating systems, cloud computing, virtual environments and mobile application developments
  • Web development: ASP.NET, C#, PHP along with SQL, Ruby on Rails, and Python
  • Application development: Java/J2EE, Visual C++, Visual Basic & VB.Net
  • Mobile development: Java/J2ME and Objective-C

What IT areas are worth looking into?

Current top technical skills in demand include: systems and networking engineers, developers, QA professionals, data warehousing professionals, and security professionals.

Here’s a list of 10 best companies to work for: http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2011/05/12/10-best-fortune-500-companies-to-work-for/

How do you determine which job offer to accept?

Accepting a job offer, often comes down to a personal preference in what matters most to the individual, but usually a combination of factors like corporate culture, salary, office environment – along with benefits, location, and the commute will determine when to accept or decline a job offer.

Some helpful links:

What kind of salary requirements and job perks are common for: junior, mid-, senior roles?


Here’s a Snapshot

  • Project manager: $76,250 – $113,000
  • Systems architect: $65,500 – $93,500
  • App developer: $85,000 – $117,500
  • Mobile app developer: $78,800 – $112,250
  • Database manager: $92,500 – $128,000
  • Web developer: $80,250 – $110,750
  • Web designer: $50,750 – $83,000

Job hunting tips for getting a job

The preferred resume structure for a developer job consists of a combination of a chronological and functional resume to showcase your skills and accomplishments, along with an abbreviated work employment history.

This type of resume should emphasize the skills using the job requirements as a guide to match closely what the company is looking for. It should focus on strong skills and acquired certifications, most notable achievements, and should not be over-cluttered with personal information which have no relevance.


  • If you have a long career, resume should focus on the most important positions, don’t make the resume longer than necessary to appear more qualified
  • Resume should contain only information that adds value to it
  • Incorporate terms that accurately describe your skills and experiences: many times, resumes are evaluated by computer programs and specialized terms become keywords
  • There is no excuse for submitting a resume with typos or misspellings
  • Cover letter is not necessary, but usually it is helpful for professionals that seek a career change. In this case, cover letter should be concise, it should target the job offer and it should complement the resume without being repetitive

A few related and helpful links

Best job sites: http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/job-websites
Best job boards: http://www.talenthq.com/2011/03/top-job-boards-for-2011/

A few freelance jobs tips


If you’re looking for work now, please contact us at jobs@ijhana.com with your resume, portfolio and any related links.

Good luck!

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